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Daisy Duke Mini Dachshunds

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About Me and My Miniature Dachshunds

 I am just beginning my mini dachshund breeding adventure. I am breeding to the breed standard with AKC reg. papers.  I  am a small hobby breeder and my dachshunds are a part of the family and live in the house with us. They have great temperments and are great with kids and other animals. They are healthy and up to date on shots and wormers. The mothers receive excellent care.

                    My Goal

My goal is to breed mini dachshunds that are as close to akc standards as possible that are good looking,healthy, and have great temperments. I only have 2-6 breeding mini dachshunds at a time. I will typically only have 1 male and 1 female. they are my pets first and breeders second.They are socialized around people, other pets such as ferrets,fish,cats,other types of dogs,birds,etc., and small children. they receive proper vet care with my veteranarian. The puppies will have vet care and be socialized from birth.

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Daisy Duke Mini Dachshunds of Walton Indiana